• Adjustable Lifting Bridle for Basket Stretchers

    Adjustable Lifting Bridle for Basket Stretchers

    Adjustable Lifting Bridle Features: * Locking steel carabiners made for attachment to lifting points * Carabiners welded-in retaining bar prevents separation from the bridle webbing * Both ends of the bridle are independently adjustable for ideal...
    MSRP: $352.00
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  • Fernotrac Pediatric Traction Splint

    Fernotrac Pediatric Traction Splint

    Designed for use on pediatric patients with suspected long bone fractures of the lower extremities, FernoTrac? Traction Splints provide mechanical traction to relieve pain and reduce the possibility of further vascular and nerve damage. Length...
    MSRP: $450.00
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  • Pedi Mate

    Pedi Mate

    The Pedi-Mate is an innovative restraint system for pediatric transportation. Features: * Uses three restraint straps to attach quickly, easily and securely to most Ferno cots * Fully-adjusting five-point harness system fits each child firmly and...
    MSRP: $362.00
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  • King Airway LTS-D Kits

    King Airway LTS-D Kits

    The Ambu King LTS-D laryngeal tube is a disposable, simple to use alternative airway device that provides superior patient ventilation. The King LTS-D is designed with a straightened, beveled distal tip that assists in directing the airway posterior to...
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  • Junkin JSA303 Floatation Collar

    Junkin JSA303 Floatation Collar

    For use with all Junkin JSA-200 and JSA-300 series basket stretchers to provide flotation during patient handling in water. Easily attached with hook and loop type fasteners to any Stokes type stretcher. Flotation bats are Dow Etha Foam and covered in...
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  • Pedi Mate Plus Pedi Mate Plus

    Pedi Mate Plus

    The Pedi-Mate Plus includes the same features as the Pedi-Mate and accommodates larger patients ranging in size from 10-80 lb (4.5-36.3 kg). Fully adjustable, five-point harness system securely holds patients, providing safe restraint for transportRolls...
    MSRP: $356.00
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  • Pedi–Pal® Child Transport Seat

    Pedi–Pal® Child Transport Seat

    Designed to transport pediatric patients (up to 40 lb.) in an upright position. Can be placed on a Ferno cot, in a rearward-facing captain's chair in an ambulance, or in the rear passenger seat of any licensed vehicle. Features include single-point size...
    MSRP: $1,703.00
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  • Junkin JSA303X Lifting Bridle

    Junkin JSA303X Lifting Bridle

    The JSA-300-X Stretcher Bridle Sling provides horizontal or vertical lifting capacity of up to 2,500 lbs. Made of 1" nylon webbing resistant to moisture and fungus rot with forged snap hooks and 3" ID forged steel suspension ring.
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  • Reeves Sleeve

    Reeves Sleeve

    For vertical/horizontal lift and helicopter extraction. Used in conjunction with a spine board, the Reeves Sleeve provides full spinal immobilization in difficult extrications. Made of 18oz vinyl laminated nylon, it offers maximum comfort and security...
    MSRP: $849.00
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